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We bet you know how important search is in terms of eCommerce. There is no popular and successful online shop on the internet without a good searching feature. People must be able to find anything they want as easily as possible. This makes them want to come back, tell others about your store, and search for more goods. The better your search feature is — the more you sell. This is a direct correlation that you can’t deny. The problem is that the default functions of Magento are only enough to start your business, and you can’t make them more effective without special add-ons. This means that even if you have a great start, your shop will lose competitive potential later.

To avoid such a situation, use the extension designed by Mirasvit that makes searching for goods enjoyable, comfortable, and effortless. Your website will provide users with the best results in the shortest period of time. Simple use and amazing possibilities will help you improve your business in a few clicks!

Innovative Technologies of the module

.We’ve opted to start with an overview, highlighting the most important features and information, in order to acquaint you with the plugin. Sphinx Search consists of four pre-installed modules. From the user interface to the algorithms, everything improves. Customers have altered their search engines to assist them to find goods that aren’t available on Magento, and the search results are more thorough. It also makes typing, browsing, and proposing simpler for visitors, allowing them to spend less time on your site while still having fun. Automation considerably simplifies the entire search process.

You can analyze individual reports provided by this add-on if you want to learn more about certain data. This will aid you in determining your needs and resolving any problems that may emerge.

What makes us think it’s one of the most popular plugins? It allows you to swiftly and efficiently optimize your search efforts. The Sphinx Engine distinguishes the module from competitors due to its incredible search speed and indexing findings — more than 500 queries per second with thousands of items in the catalog. In addition, the engine works flawlessly across all platforms. One technology may be incapable of comprehending how so many disparate components join together to achieve such astonishing results.

There are several search tools and choices available in this module. We’ve broken it down into sections to help you gain confidence in certain skills and learn more.

A closer look at the searching capabilities

search results

Preprocessors for morphologic data. Specific algorithms evaluate the value of your request and translate it correctly based on the word type you specify. The search process is accelerated, and the precision of the results is enhanced. The traditional versions of the word “apple” are “apple” and “one apple.” As a consequence, the search results for both searches are identical. In Russian, Czech, and English, the Sphinx engine is the default. To enhance the number of languages supported, a free module may be installed.

Highlight the most important data

It goes without saying that paying attention to the smallest of details is critical. Traditional search engines, despite the fact that the meaning of the characters appears to be plain, do not provide such a clear and unambiguous result. The add-on, which promotes in-stock items, pushes out-of-stock products to the bottom of the list. This gives your catalog a professional, up-to-date appearance.

Search with no restrictions

You may narrow down your search by utilizing your product’s qualities. Add product quality to the list of probable attributes to broaden your search choices. Allow customers to search for items based on size, color, and other factors. In the search, the SKU, category name, content, and selectable options of the associated product are all utilized.

Searching for the product name is the most effective way to find what you’re looking for. This plug-in provides more filter categories, attributes, CMS pages, knowledge base, Blog MX, WordPress blogs, and other features. To put it another way, it is applicable to any material.

Long-tail searches

This plugin will search for hyphens, bits, and other unusual characters based on your selections. It may be used in any store since it allows you to find an item by entering only a portion of the SKU. Customers will be unable to discover the item if the model number is wrong. Magento, as you may be aware, is incapable of doing these difficult tasks by default.

Special words

You don’t need to know an object’s name to identify it because the module identifies synonyms and suggests alternatives. With over 60,000 items, the integrated dictionary is extensive. This, like any other AI, ensures that the work is completed appropriately. Stop words are permitted, with the exception of synonyms. This tool improves the precision of search results by specifying criteria. Prepositions and articles, for example, are not searchable and may be easily deleted. There are 655 stop words in the pre-made list.

Search with no mistakes

Because we are looking for a solution to a problem, we never know how to spell a product right. On the other hand, Sphinx Search isn’t! This module detects and corrects grammatical errors in any language.


If the full statement isn’t working, getting search results for only a part of it might be really handy. Instead of viewing a blank page, customers are notified that no goods matching their request have been identified; nevertheless, there are some possibilities based on a word fragment. If your clients don’t meet their objectives, they’ll stick around and look into your organization.

Additional Tools

Additional Tools

Validating tool

This add-on includes a tool for evaluating and confirming search results. This allows you to evaluate the success of your search as well as any additional search options, such as auto-completion speed. At any time, you’ll be able to discern whether or not this tool will help you solve problems.

Separate pages 

Without the ability to create landing pages, a sophisticated search optimization tool would be useless. These elements are designed to assist you in managing and ensuring that customers get what they want. You may create your own unique page for each request. As a result, instead of being sent to a conventional page with some results, visitors are directed to a personalized website.

Suitable for small- and medium-sized enterprises

You have three alternatives, depending on your needs: use your store’s MySQL capabilities, install on a separate server, or install on the same Magento server as your store. The plugin can help any organization with these characteristics, which is great since it means you may utilize it at any point in the process.

Multi-language support

You’ll also be relieved to find that language support requires no additional software to be installed. Spell repairs are compatible with all languages since they do not require specialist dictionaries. Allow the add-on to evaluate your data to deliver the most accurate rectification results to users.

In-depth reports

The extension should not be neglected when it comes to reporting. What are you going to study exactly here? In the reports, the most popular sentences, total number of keywords, and interactions are sorted into two groups.

Keep track of your current setup of all key search information and productivity to get the most out of your business. When you’re finished, sort and export the data from the reports based on the date and time.

Auto-completion function that is extremely beneficial and time-saving

the autocomplete feature

Consider how useful intelligent menu suggestions are. All you have to do with the add-on is type a few characters, and sophisticated algorithms will figure out what you want to do. In terms of the front end, the module provides the following to its customers:

  • Define a product category. 
  • Support for AJAX technology for quicker loading.  
  • Responsive themes. 
  • The possibility to add price and image straight into the search box.


Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2 is an amazing solution if you wish to improve and build your business. Giving clients a high-quality, well-designed search tool means you’ll get more positive feedback and, as a result, more money. Keep in mind that satisfied consumers are essential to your business’s success. If this is exactly what you’re looking for, don’t wait to download and install this plugin.

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