Magento Mass Product Actions

No matter how big or small their businesses are, all online store owners face the same issues. Even if certain difficulties are no longer relevant, people are likely to have encountered them in the past. As a result, anybody who sells things on the internet is familiar with the issue of manual product upgrades. This takes a long time and is also very tedious. Furthermore, this time may be better used on a more pressing matter. This implies you’re losing money while updating all of your catalog’s goods. Particularly if you have to do it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Magento does not include any particular tools to help with these tasks by default. As a result, some shops are unable to compete with others. What can be done in such a situation?

To avoid losing customers and stay on top, we provide a customized module for your Magento-based store that automates product updates and frees you up to focus on more important things. You will have no problems installing or using the application because it is really simple to use. Simply read this post to have a better understanding of the plugin!

The complete list of features

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  • You won’t have to click a ton of times to accomplish your goals using this module. The amount of scrolling and clicking is reduced to a bare minimum, which is really useful for product updates. 
  • There will be no more dropdown menus to select more items from. To acquire what you want, simply utilize the special buttons at the bottom of the page. This is far more convenient than browsing through options. 
  • Money equals time. Time is crucial in every business since it determines the amount of money you can make. As a result, this plugin allows you to spend your time producing money rather than working a regular job. 
  • It’s inconvenient to have to spend hours just assigning things to the appropriate categories. You may now do this process in a few easy clicks and create a flawless website structure. 
  • Children’s items should be enticing as well. To improve the appearance of numerous things, you may easily add or remove photographs. It’s particularly helpful for packages.
  • You don’t have to redo the process if you want to apply the same choices to another product — simply copy the options as a template! 
  • It’s also quite simple to build up related-, up-sell-, and cross-sell sections with the aid of this plugin. To do so, use the following options: add/remove items, copy relevant products from a certain SKU, connect selected products with newly added ones, and delete all goods. 
  • It has never been easier to update characteristics. Simply choose the properties you want and alter them in a pop-up window without having to navigate to a new website. This also saves a lot of time. 
  • This add-on allows you to quickly categorize products by changing product attribute sets. This is an excellent tool for systematization.
  • With little effort, you may get superior control. Price is one of the most popular factors to change when it comes to updates. Install this module to make the procedure easier by adding alternative numbers, a fixed sum, or a percentage from the overall balance. In the event of numerous sales, this might save you a lot of time. 
  • Now is the time to make the required adjustments. The module conducts all of the pre-built Magento bulk product operations when you click the Process button. Using Cron, you don’t have to wait for Magento to do the job. You may still use Cron to schedule a Magento bulk product options update, reducing the load on your server and allowing you to do the update when it is least busy. 
  • Queues that are too long should be avoided. Updating tens of thousands of commodities in bulk might take a long time. These tasks might be outsourced to cron so that they don’t interfere with your other backend procedures.

Additional benefits from choosing the Mirasvit company

Some of the appealing features include a money-back guarantee, free 90-day support, and free lifetime upgrades. When you consider the price, the plugin is a great deal. This is because hiring someone is still more expensive than purchasing a specialist extension. The only problem is locating a plugin that is both functional and cost-effective. This type of product is available from Mirasvit, for example. Furthermore, the official website offers a variety of manuals and instructions to guarantee that you are never left in the dark when your support time has ended.



Q: Are there any pre-set settings?

A:  This plugin is ready to use after it has been installed in your Magento 2 store. It does not need to be configured before usage. There are no end-user changeable parameters in this plugin that can be altered while using the Magento 2 interface.

The add-on provides a straightforward interface for bulk product actions, which can be accessible from the product catalog page of the interface from the original version of the platform. A simple instruction you may find on the official website is enough to understand how everything works here.

Q: Can I use the add-on with Magento 1?

A: No, this software is only compatible with the 2nd version of the platform. Moreover, there is no point using the 1st version anymore because it’s not supported, which means you have to migrate as soon as possible. 

Q: Is it possible to bundle related items?

A: This plugin may link a wide range of products, including related, up-sell, and cross-sell items. Objects can communicate with one another in a variety of ways in this module. The user may either type in the SKUs for the items they want to connect to or copy a list of related products from an existing list for a particular product. A list of related items can be repeated both ways: from the source to the updated product and vice-versa. 

Q: What about custom options?

A: In addition to what the basic version is capable of doing, the plugin allows you to brand new options to what you sell. A personalized engraving of the buyer’s name on a ring, for example, shows us how such options work.

You may use the add-on to duplicate a custom option from any SKU to the goods you’ve chosen. You may use this extension to change or add a new custom option to an existing one if the product already has one.

Q: Can the plugin be used to change the product characteristics of a particular website/customer group?

A: Generally, every Magento user is able to set up the way products are displayed on particular resources. To tailor product exposure to a certain client segment, a third-party plugin can be employed. Items cannot be associated with a store view/customer group in this module. On the product editing page, you can alter the parameters of displaying separately. By employing a filtering option, you may still mass-edit product properties for the current store view. Items belonging to a certain website should be removed and their characteristics adjusted as appropriate.


Add Magento Mass Product options to your feature set to save time and feel more at ease. Don’t allow routine to catch up with you and make you feel like you’re not progressing at all. Proceed with caution and focus on critical parts of your business. This is how you can improve, and the Mirasvit module will assist you in this endeavor. Even though you might think such details are not important, the truth is that every business consists of dozens of various elements that are all essential in terms of becoming the best one on the market. Thus, additional modules can help you deal with these details, making your life easier. If you check the most popular services based on the Magento platform, you see that they all have a bunch of plugins. And this plugin is definitely what your store needs.

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