Magento order management

Since ancient times, shops have been popular all across the world. People shop for whatever they require, including food, clothing, weaponry, and medicine. When you visit a store, the salesperson assists you in selecting and purchasing the items you require. This is a straightforward method that does not need any additional effort. When stores grow in size, we require additional people, time, and abilities. When it comes to internet buying, things get much more convoluted because it involves people from all over the world. Sellers get thousands of orders, and it’s up to them to carefully process each one to ensure that the buyer receives their items on time and without problems. The larger your store is, the more difficult it is to do. You can automate some procedures with the aid of special features, but Magento’s basic capabilities aren’t enough to make everything easier. As a result, you can have a lot of issues with orders.

You can utilize a custom addon for enhanced order management to avoid such scenarios. This program gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of organizing, processing, and customized orders. You may quickly boost your business with the use of such talents. Are you interested in learning more?

What the module is all about?


The fundamental capacity is inflexible enough to impede the deployment of an effective order management system. For example, you won’t be able to amend the bulk of order information, so if there’s a problem, you’ll have to place fresh orders. This is both inconvenient and time-consuming. It also raises the likelihood of future errors. Furthermore, without the plugin, you won’t be able to see all of the vital data in the grid, forcing managers to look at each order individually, diverting them from their jobs.

The plugin takes care of all of these minor issues, allowing you to increase the operation of your shop. To match your company’s demands, you can change the grid and order as needed. Without having to cancel the existing purchase and start over, it’s simple to alter order data, add extra goods, and apply various discounts. This is the most efficient approach for speeding up operations and giving you and your clients the finest user experience possible. You may use the preview tool to check how your changes will look before committing to them.

The advantages of the company

Because the extension is quite inexpensive, picking this firm also means choosing the finest conditions. Of course, pricing isn’t the only factor. You get free assistance for 90 days after purchase, lifelong upgrades, and a lot of instructions for the money you spend. Furthermore, Mirasvit never charges you for updates. As a result, the module is an excellent investment for your company. You will generate more money, allowing you to quickly return your investment.

The main possibilities

Extend Magento 2’s limited quick view functionality to show all crucial order data on a single screen. Thanks to our module, you’ll be able to see important information regarding products, payment, and delivery on your site’s orders list page: 

  • Items. Data about objects can be seen in whatever order you like. Here’s an example of what you could encounter: Product thumbnails; product number; kind; quantity and price of an item once it has been ordered. 
  • Billing. You don’t have to open orders to get invoicing data, which is one of the best advantages. The order grid contains all of the relevant information: Number on the invoice; billing address; phone number 
  • Shipping. Other shipping-related columns may be added using the plugin. This feature allows you to see the following: The delivery address, phone number, and tracking number are all required.

More Features

  • It’s simple to use. Order tags help you locate what you’re searching for quickly. Orders may be filtered using tags, making it easier to find what you’re searching for. The color-coding of the tag labels makes it easy to identify the order’s primary components. Fill the order row in the grid with various colors to highlight the orders that require the greatest attention. You have total control over the color code tag setting. In addition to applying tags to any number of orders, you may provide requirements for the automatic order tag. If you like, you may also manually define order tags. Tags may be used to modify orders in a number of ways. Give the most important order tag a priority level to emphasize it.
  • It’s easy to use. When examining orders, you may save time by selecting the Quick View option to rapidly obtain extra information. Click on the order number in the orders list to launch a side-sliding window with all of the order’s data. Close this side-sliding window if you want to look at details about another order; open it if you want to make adjustments to order in Magento.
  • Changes are being made to the products. Use features like picking the total number of requested products, submitting taxes, adding/removing goods, changing the price, and defining discounts to make things run quicker and simplify a large number of tasks.
  • Account and order details can be customized. The add-on allows you to change order tracking information. An order’s status, number, and date can all be changed.
  • Concerns about payment and delivery. Don’t be startled if your payment or delivery method changes while you’re using our app. It’s easy to make a change: Unlike the default Magento, you may rapidly adjust payment, shipping, and handling data.
  • These are one-of-a-kind numbers. Identification numbers make it straightforward to locate the correct order. They do, however, appear sloppy. You may use bespoke prefixes and suffixes to match transaction numbers to your company’s needs, which is quite useful. To create the best representation format for your store, combine elements like shop ID, order counter, random number, current time, and date. Copy or alter the order identifying numbers pattern for invoices, shipments, and credit notes for each document type. Order counters can be used to enter data from your old shop numbering into your new shop numbering if you’re transferring platforms. Preview and compare how a new numbering system would appear on any form of the chosen payment document before making a change. The module supports the multi-store view. Each store in your Magento installation may have a distinct ID.



Q: What are the main functions of the add-on? 

A: Order administration might be challenging, but it can be made easier in certain ways with the help of a Magento extension. The module improves the order view grid’s functionality, making it easier for shop employees to keep track of orders by providing tools to handle orders in a number of ways:

  • Thanks to the plugin, this grid may now display additional critical information about orders, such as ordered items, payment, and shipment. It’s simple to keep track of Magento order statuses.
  • If you choose the Order Quick View option, you can access the whole order data with a single mouse click while staying on the same page. The information is shown in a side-sliding window. You may get information quickly and get back to work without having to go to the purchase page to read it, reducing the amount of clutter on your browser.
  • The Orders Tags method makes finding orders with the right qualities a breeze. You may quickly locate the orders you require by using tags to filter them. Orders can be categorized based on their criteria.


As you can see, the Magento Order Management plugin is both a means to manage your work and a way to make more money. You now know how to streamline your daily routine and increase the efficiency of your eCommerce business. Taking care of orders the right manner is an important element of running a successful business. Without paying adequate attention to all parts of your business, you are unlikely to achieve your objectives. Especially one that is so important. Installing these extensions is thus neither a life hack or a cheat code to feel liberated – it’s an essential investment in your future. Don’t hesitate to download and install this fantastic plugin right away!

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