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In terms of sales, the manner you offer your items is critical. Your store must excel in all areas, and one of the most significant is your catalog. The catalog is just a means for consumers to locate the things they require. It’s similar to a conductor leading passengers to their eventual destination: purchase. And if your product catalog isn’t user-friendly and easy to explore, you won’t be able to compete with other stores. To put it another way, you can’t make money without effective sorting. As a result, it’s critical to pay attention to how your store’s items are structured. Even if it isn’t the most difficult activity, it does take a long time to do, which is inconvenient because time is money. Instead of manually arranging your catalog to maintain everything at the highest level, you may focus on more pressing matters. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to automate and simplify the sorting process? 

We have a solution for you if you believe it is a good idea. Mirasvit has created a little addon that can assist you with all sorting-related concerns. Simply install it and configure the module by selecting preferred settings. This can boost your store’s overall productivity and help you sell more!

Why do we think Mirasvit is the best choice?

A money-back guarantee, free 90-day support, and free lifetime upgrades are just a few of the tempting features. The plugin is a terrific value when you consider the pricing. Because employing someone is still more expensive than buying a specialized extension, this is the case. The only issue is finding a plugin that is both useful and affordable. Mirasvit, for example, provides this sort of product. In addition, the official website provides a range of manuals and instructions to ensure that you are never left in the dark when the support period has expired.

How can you gain more search scores?

comparison of results

The search technique is guided by the ranking factor. This tool may be used to improve search results and overall company performance by using any attribute. Any argument can be designated a global parameter, which means it takes precedence over all others. You have the option of selecting from the following features:

  • Date. This module, unlike others, allows you to categorize things based on the period of input and modifications, making it simple to compare old and new products. Customers may use this approach to keep track of their information and be notified when new items arrive. 
  • Attribute. For your chosen things, you can apply one or more criteria, such as time constraints or anything unusual. The Admin Panel gives you access to all of the features. 
  • Image. Goods should be placed at the bottom of the search results page if images aren’t available. Before making a purchase, customers should be able to see how things appear. As a consequence, starting with the most aesthetically appealing, bright, and comprehensive pages is a smart choice. 
  • Hits. You may also arrange goods by how many times they’ve been bought in a given period of time. You may either promote what is already popular to get more money from such sales or strive to enhance sales of less popular items. 
  • Profit. Promote the most profitable things to create revenue. 
  • Rule. Because this component consists of hundreds of traits or combinations, the number of different options is limitless.
  • An assessment of the product. We’d rather depend on the opinions of other customers on such topics because we can’t analyze a large number of reading materials or different kinds of this item. As a consequence, we prioritize higher-quality goods and choose the highest-rated ones. 
  • Do you currently have any goods in stock? This is without a doubt a significant portion of the grade. You may also sort the goods based on their stock status or availability. Customers will be unable to purchase out-of-stock products and will not want to wait for a new shipment, thus they should be filtered and placed at the bottom of the page. If you want visitors to be informed of recent occurrences, place them on the top tab.
  • The sum of money earned as a result of seeing the sights. Compare the number of times you’ve purchased a product to the number of times you’ve visited to see how engaged your potential customers are. Certain things appear to be impossible at first glance. Meanwhile, certain things, such as those sold for a low price, are growing in popularity.
  • Rating. Because it affects the conversion rate, this element is tied to the product rating. On the other hand, the purpose is to boost sales or encourage fans.
  • Discounts. It’s now easy to put your best offers to the top so that people will notice them first, which helps achieve greater success.

A detailed review of the possibilities

combining examples

Let’s start with some non-essential features before moving on to the module’s objective. As a consequence, you’ll find a variety of useful add-on features to enhance your entire experience:

  • What you can accomplish is limitless. The plugin provides sorting options on search result pages. You may expand the number of basic sorting options by adding new search criteria to the search page. On the search screen, you may also alter the default sorting choice. As a consequence, your products will always be exposed to the brightest light possible, increasing conversion rates. 
  • Widgets. To modify the appearance of the components, you may utilize a range of special integrated software. To do so, simply choose the appropriate criterion from the drop-down option. Each widget is likely to have its own set of sorting criteria. Use Store Views to apply several criteria at once. 
  • Keep your eyes open for further details. Examine the grouping of items before applying any sorting criteria to confirm that it appears as it should. This may be used to find out additional information about a certain score. Utilize product qualities to find the right items without having to browse through the entire product list.
  • Fixing bugs and other problems. This is the method for detecting and fixing a problem. Allow this mode to be enabled in order to determine the source of the issues. Verify that the anticipated score is correct. The data is organized into a grid. You may also search for a certain item in a specified area.
  • Make the search as straightforward as possible. This module gives you the option of organizing your data in a variety of ways. To meet the needs of your organization, you create your own rules and criteria. To make it simple and quick, you may include the rating components in the criterion. The module will receive a mark depending on its efficacy. To obtain an idea of how your items will seem to potential purchasers, use the preview tool. 
  • Boost your overall score. To get the score using the add-on, you may use the offered opportunities: 1. Only one variable is utilized at any given time. When the series travels from point A to point B, the technique is linear. A sub-condition is the second type of condition. The module calculates all of the components in this case. 
  • Only the best is offered. When customers search, they should be provided with the best goods by default. This is a great way to boost your store’s conversion rate while also appealing to a broader audience. 
  • Mixing. Start with the most significant component and work your way down when creating a sorting criterion with several components. The structure of such variables might be somewhat complex at times. The two techniques of organizing are up and down. Customers will have more choices, making it easier for them to select the most recent products.


The plugin for Improved Sorting for Magento 2 is the way to take your business to the next level and simplify your routine. With this add-on, your website will work smoother, and your customer will be more likely to choose you among all the competitors in the world. The ability to conveniently search for products is an essential ability that a good online store should have. If your task is to make your sales grow rate and become a leader in the eCommerce niche, make sure you have solutions for all problems, including sorting-related ones. A neat, simple-to-navigate, and fast catalog makes customers enjoy shopping in your store, which has a decent effect on the overall productivity. And the Mirasvit company is the best choice to manage such tasks!

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