Google PageSpeed Optimizer for Magento 2

The eCommerce niche now is one of the most popular niches, and the range of opportunities in this niche is massive. It’s not a big deal to build your own online store using Magento — one of the best open-source platforms. However, it means you should always keep the quality of your service at the highest level to compete with other sellers and be on top. An extremely essential parameter of your website is the loading time. It’s crucial to make your website work fast and smoothly, so customers can really enjoy browsing your catalog and searching for goods. Otherwise, they will choose another store where everything works better. With the standard functionality of Magento, you don’t have enough opportunities to dramatically increase the operational speed. What can you do then?

We have an answer! Try the best module on the market that optimizes all the necessary elements to make pages load faster. This doesn’t require any special skills or a lot of time. A simple instruction is enough to start working. So let’s go through the possibilities and working principles of the module.

The module itself and its functions

the interface

Let’s have a look at what’s causing your website to load so slowly. We’ll know how to fix the problem after we’ve identified it. As a result, all of the most prevalent causes and therapies are seen to be viable options. Image optimization and JS and CSS file management are two important methods for increasing your website’s performance. However, we’d want to start by giving you a better understanding of the module’s capabilities.


You’ve completed the initial installation of the PageSpeed Monitoring Tool. With the page speed test, you can see how effectively your optimization efforts are paying off. This allows you to delve further into the topic and solve issues without feeling rushed. Allow the plugin to gather the information it requires and provide it to you as quickly as feasible. On both the desktop and mobile platforms, this capability is available.

Easy management

You can use the command line if you can’t wait for the Cron to start. The command-line interface may be used for speed testing, picture enhancement, and photo recovery, among other things. When time is of the essence, it could be useful.

How does it speed up your website dealing with JS and CSS files?

bundling example

Gathering files together

Magento JS files include a substantial amount of code even without add-ons. This is one of the reasons why it does not deliver enough performance to customers. You will only need to load the relevant JS files if you utilize this module. As a result, the overall weight is lowered by seven times, and the number of loaded files is reduced by three times. As a result, web pages now load significantly more quickly. Make sure the Merge JavaScript feature is enabled to decrease the number of HTTP queries made while refreshing the page.

Making elements lighter

The loading process is severely slowed by a large number of resources, such as embedded widgets or other external material. It’s not certain that if you don’t pause, you’ll get a good grade. Loading the necessary YouTube and Google fonts is the simplest option. As a consequence, the website’s functionality may be kept while loading times are reduced. The Speed Optimizer is in charge of all background loading. Two of the most crucial features of a website are fonts and videos. Third-party items, such as integrated devices or other commodities, use up a lot of resources and slow down the loading process significantly. It’s not a guarantee that if you don’t wait, you’ll get good results. Watching YouTube classes and using Google Fonts are the greatest ways to remember important ideas. As a consequence, the website’s functionality may be kept while loading times are reduced. The Speed Optimizer is in charge of all background loading.


As you may be aware, the amount of extra code that a website loads is one of the most common reasons for speed concerns. The Speed Optimizer uses a number of complicated techniques to reduce file size. Minimization is the term for this. This functionality is easy to use: new JavaScript file types are added, and old JavaScript files are removed. To keep CSS and HTML files smaller, unnecessary stuff like comments and symbols is removed. As a consequence, pages are now a lot faster to load. Other file types can also benefit from minification.

What will you load first?

The situation is exactly the same as it was previously. CSS files that you don’t require are loaded when a visitor clicks on a link on your site. As a result, the page is no longer accessible. You may simply avoid such scenarios if you install our add-on to load specified files in the background after the page is shown. To be prepared, download the most important files. Major resources specified in CSS and JavaScript scripts can be loaded even if they aren’t required. This is because browsers are unable to forecast whether or not certain files would be required. This will need a modification in Magento’s page loading speed. The module’s loading order can be changed to ensure that the most critical files are loaded first. This means that a page can be displayed in its entirety even if other files with a lower priority rate are not loaded.

How does image compression help?

image compression

Making them smaller

It’s also worth noticing that the graphics occupy over half of the page. Isn’t it amazing how much better things might be if only a few individuals were involved? Because Google utilizes the average speed of a 3G connection as a benchmark, you might save up to 20% on file size, which is very advantageous for mobile users. Because it supports all of the most common photo formats, this module is deemed superior. Although Google recommends an image enhancement value of 85 percent, you are free to pick whichever quantity best suits your needs. It’s sometimes a good idea to boost the compression rate even further. You, on the other hand, have entire control over your decision. This plugin makes it simple to convert photographs to WebP format, which speeds up loading times dramatically.

Make them load later

The entire page will not be seen until all of the photographs have loaded. Waiting for photos is inconvenient, especially if your internet connection is sluggish. You have an excellent understanding of the problem. Use the plugin to delay the loading of pictures. Don’t worry, they won’t wind up on some nefarious website. With the exception of photos, which will be replaced with unique placeholders, everything will be shown normally. When a user interacts with the website, the visuals are loaded even more.

Make them load earlier

Given the large number of high-quality images that may have an influence on page rendering on today’s websites, we’ll have to deal with this as well. Background graphics, for example, might make the loading process take a long time. Preloading images from devices rather than online storage or servers solves this problem. This isn’t a novel approach, and it works similarly to the others.


What version of the WebP format is the most recent? It’s a whole new format that preserves image quality while requiring less data. The photos are nearly double the size of standard formats. This is quite advantageous. As a result, WebP pictures should be utilized wherever feasible. All of the photos on this page were automatically converted to WebP using the Google tool. As a result of this conversion and comparison, the page speed score isn’t particularly high.


Fixing Magento Page Speed Rank is an easy task for this extension. Meanwhile, this can bring you a lot of profit and simplify your work. By purchasing this module, you are not only making your website better but also making your customers satisfied, which is essential for eCommerce. Fast load speed is what any online store needs to keep existing clients and attract new ones. Besides, Mirasvit offers a lot of pleasant bonuses, which makes this purchase even more beneficial.

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