Follow Up Email Extension in Magento

Talking to people is the only key to understanding them well enough. You know that, right? So, as a seller, you have to communicate with your customers, tell them important news and answer their questions. This erases borders between you and them, allowing you to establish a good relationship, which is extremely good for your sales rate. The more people respect you and trust you — the more they buy from you. Moreover, it forces them to promote your service to others, which is also a great advantage. With a good follow-up email system, you can develop and achieve greater success at ease. 

To make sure your business correspondence has no issues, install the module for Magento 2 that can do everything for you. Easy setup and brilliant features make it simple to start a campaign and solve your problems. How exactly does this add-on work? Read about it below!

Here, you will find all the features you need

  • Your whole campaign’s history is available. View the whole history of each campaign to discover more about its condition, trigger, address, date stamps, and other details. Filters can be used to assess emails with similar values and properties. You may utilize the cron job in the add-on to automatically delete the campaign’s history. 
  • Each campaign, trigger, or letter has its own dashboard to track its progress. The dashboard is necessary since it allows you to assess performance indicators and other critical data. This helps you to assess the effectiveness of your email campaigns and plan your next moves. The dashboard can show the following information: The number of suggested purchases and reviews, as well as the quantity of income, are all important aspects to consider. 
  • By upgrading this module to GDPR standards, you can ensure that your GDPR email campaigns are entirely compliant. The plugin includes features such as target audience screening, automated smoothing of email history, and automatic data collection from visitor users. 
  • Google Analytics statistics. In addition to the built-in data, the Google Analytics Follow-Up Emails extension allows you to create unique UTM parameters for each email campaign.

Make everything look as attractive as it’s possible

attractive as it’s possible
  • Little effort is required to create a lovely visual design for the letter. This module allows you to easily build colorful email themes that you can then use to customize your emails. 
  • Sending and receiving emails is a simple process. There will be no complications. You may use the built-in editor to create unique, colorful designs for your emails based on your current demands. To reach your objectives, make liberal use of HTML. Use a variety of headers, styles, and other components to accentuate what’s essential. Simply check your letter previews on your PC or mobile device for real-time changes. 
  • Email templates are simple to use. The plugin’s user-friendly interface makes managing email templates a breeze. You may pick and choose from a basic grid of all available templates or start from scratch with a new template-based design.
  • Change the options to make your emails more customized. More than 30 options are available for customizing emails, and they’re useful in a number of situations. User profiles, cross-sell data, and any other information needed to tailor your mailings should all be included. Simply insert a variable in the letter’s most important section to do this. 
  • Communicate with your consumers in their own language. Let’s not even talk about the language barrier! You may either construct separate triggers for each language or use translation algorithms to ensure that you’re always speaking in the same language as the people you’re trying to reach with this module.
  • Join your social media accounts. Include Twitter URLs in the letter to make it less formal and more informative. 
  • Make an easy one-click link to the abandoned shopping cart. Nobody wants to waste time trying to remember what was in their cart, so please allow your clients to recover their things with a single click! As a consequence, people will be motivated to keep buying. 
  • It is mandatory to send cross-sell offers. A list of cross-selling items should contain emails. This is an excellent method for increasing total income and sales.

When emails are sent?

an abandoned cart reminde
  • Arrangements that have been mingled and mingled with each other. Because it includes the following presets, the module is ready to use directly after installation: Consumer connection, engagement, and sales follow-up are all steps of abandoned cart recovery solutions. Begin by turning on one of these campaigns. Duplicates can also be tailored to match your individual needs.
  • A shopper’s abandoned shopping cart (including guest checkouts). Your shopping carts are frequently abandoned. Customers may be automatically alerted of abandoned carts using this module. As a result, you’ll see a boost in conversions and income.
  • Reviews. Checks are essential for online businesses since they increase customer trust in items and merchants in general, as well as have an impact on Google’s ranking. As a result, encouraging consumers to submit feedback is a fantastic idea. As a result, the extension will urge you to leave feedback not just when you make a purchase, but also at various intervals after that. You can also use the add-on to keep clients informed about the progress of their assessments, such as whether or not a review was finished. 
  • Using email to re-establish control of the issue. It’s critical to gain new clients and extend your present audience, but don’t forget about your old friends! Send an email to someone who has been idle for a long time to let them know you’re still waiting. Allow this module to do the job for you by thanking your previous but loyal clients with little but pleasurable incentives like a discount or a contribution. You may develop customized messages to ensure that you always send the correct email to the correct address thanks to superb customization.
  • Product recommendations It’s also a good idea to provide product recommendations depending on what customers see, buy, or like. This type of product recommendation can help your business expand. People think about their needs.
  • To demonstrate your concern, wish your customers a happy birthday. As previously said, it is critical to cultivating a loyal relationship with your customers. Rather than big events like birthdays, why not welcome them with noteworthy dates? Tell them something kind and give them a coupon to return to your store and buy more items.
  • In an email, send a message to the new items. Please contact me via email. The add-on may send emails with several product shots from different angles, improving sales and profits.
  • Customers must be able to comprehend and adhere to instructions. Maintain contact with your customers on their orders. Send cross-sell emails or letters to clients, and keep them updated on any changes to their order status.

This will help you achieve even greater success

a discount coupon email
  • Send emails to the appropriate recipients at the appropriate times. Unlike other Magento activities, the campaign is only launched when certain requirements are met, so you can be confident that the suitable letter will be delivered to the appropriate person at the right time. There are several events that might be utilized as triggers: Registration, cart events (such as an abandoned cart), new order events, product-related actions (such as when a client searches for a certain product), and wishlist activities are examples of user-related events. Because of the module’s flexibility, you can quickly design an email campaign target group based on a variety of factors. 
  • Check to see whether your emails are working correctly. Sandbox’s features will provide you with a comprehensive view of how your emails will seem, which is a wonderful way to enhance things.
  • Sending out discount coupons through email is a wonderful way to spread the word. The plugin also takes a personalized strategy to each client in order to re-engage, return, and spend consumers, automatically giving discounts and gift cards with expiration dates. After you’ve met your goal, you should call a halt to your campaign. Don’t underestimate the importance of finishing a scheduled email campaign. It’s critical to know when to quit caring about people in order to prevent being overly concerned about them. As a result, if the add-on is no longer necessary, it will never send emails.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your email marketing automation system. You can leave your field once you’ve established it, as long as it has a sufficient number of positive performance indicators. Any business needs this easy and efficient marketing tool!
  • Spamming your customers is not a good idea. Sending too many emails is another method to irritate people. To avoid this, set a restriction on the number of letters that may be sent in a certain period of time. After the maximum amount of emails has been sent, no more emails will be sent until the deadline has passed.


The  Magento Follow Up Email extension is a perfect solution for those who care about their customers and time. Using this add-on is pure pleasure because you have nearly nothing to do once you set it up. So, we believe you must try the extension right now!

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