Month: August 2021

A New York Times

reveals how big companies have been manipulating public perceptions of surveillance technology article A new article from The New York…

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Microsoft wins $5 billion patent lawsuit against SAP

SAP has won a $5.9 billion lawsuit against Microsoft for patent infringement.The U.S. Court of Federal Claims said the technology…

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Which companies are on the shortlist for US$1 billion deal to build new US naval platforms?

The US Navy has reportedly asked a consortium of private companies to develop a new class of stealthy maritime platforms…

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How Google’s GPS app could help save the planet

By Tom Ben-GhiatThe Jerusalem Post”GPS is a crucial tool that allows people to easily find places they want to go,”…

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How to get an abm software license without paying for a copyleft license

It’s a simple trick: Go to the US Department of Energy website and click on the “Learn More” button.You’ll then…

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When Apple and the U.S. enter into a deal to sell its patents, Canada is on the hook for billions of dollars

Apple and Google are entering into a landmark patent-sharing deal in which the tech giants will supply technology to Canadian…

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How the software industry and the commercial software companies are working together

As more and more companies adopt Linux, it’s becoming increasingly clear that commercial software developers aren’t just working for the…

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A $1 billion investment in the software industry, a company announces

A $25 million investment by a Chinese software company in the Indian software industry has triggered excitement among Indian software…

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How to fix a bug in your favorite application

The best way to fix bugs in your software is to write them down, but some developers may struggle to…

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