The list of companies who have gone public on the social media platform to protest President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries

More than 20 companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, PayPal, Oracle and Yahoo, have gone on the record with their objections to President Donald Trump’s immigration order.

Companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Apple have said they won’t participate in the program, while Microsoft has also expressed concern about the executive order, according to Bloomberg.

Companies with more than 100 employees have also announced they will not participate in Trump’s order.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Twitter have all said they will continue to use the platform to communicate with their users.

Facebook announced its decision on Thursday afternoon.

“We have seen this administration’s dangerous approach to immigration, and are continuing to speak out in support of our fellow Americans,” the social network said in a statement.

“We will continue using Facebook to provide the widest possible range of information and perspectives to support our community.

The company is committed to doing all we can to ensure that all of our communities can thrive.”

Microsoft has also joined other tech companies in expressing concerns about Trump’s Executive Order.

“As we continue to build a strong digital infrastructure for the future, we must ensure that our products and services are accessible to all Americans,” Microsoft said in an email.

“This includes using our platforms to help our communities and communities of color.

We will continue working with all partners and stakeholders to ensure we are fully able to address any and all concerns that we may have about our policies and practices.”

Companies have taken different stances in the face of Trump’s travel ban.

Facebook, for instance, said it was “extremely concerned” about the order and that it would “fully comply with the law and continue to do business with all people who are lawfully here.”

Google, meanwhile, has not publicly weighed in on the executive orders immigration policy.

More than 20 companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, PayPal, Oracle and Yahoo, have gone on the record with their objections…

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