Google announces $10 billion funding round to fund GIS software companies

Google announced a $10-billion investment round today to support the development and commercialization of software solutions for commercial organizations and developers.

“We are excited to announce the first major round of funding for GIS applications and solutions,” said Craig Bernstrom, general manager of Google Cloud Platform, a cloud platform for data centers and other cloud-based services.

“We are confident that these investments will bring significant new revenue and help us accelerate our efforts to accelerate the adoption of GIS in enterprise applications.”

In addition to Google Cloud, the new round will support other Google services, including Google Maps and Google Earth.

Bernstrom said Google will support the GIS and mapping businesses with additional investments, including $4 billion for the latter.

Google Cloud will continue to support data centers with software, including its ElasticSearch product, and will support companies in other industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, and the education sector.

“The support we will offer GIS developers and businesses will be a key driver of the growth of this industry,” Bernstrom added.

The announcement comes just days after Microsoft announced a similar $2.5 billion round of investment in its GIS platform and related technologies.

Microsoft has been a key player in the field of software and services for the past several years, as it has created tools and software to support business processes, including mapping, data analysis, business intelligence, and geospatial and urban planning.

It also announced a series of initiatives in the space, including a new commercial service called GIS Map Cloud, which will enable customers to create and manage business applications and services that can be hosted on its cloud-hosted Map Cloud.

Microsoft said that the company is working to “expand our existing GIS services and platforms with the goal of delivering new services that deliver the highest quality data and analytics, while leveraging the latest cloud technologies.”

Google announced a $10-billion investment round today to support the development and commercialization of software solutions for commercial organizations and…

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