Chinese tech giant Alibaba hits out at Australian company ‘overstepping’ copyright law

Alibaba software company Falco Software is suing the Australian government for copyright infringement after a major Australian software company said it is planning to sue China.

The lawsuit follows a number of similar lawsuits in recent months, with several high-profile companies including Apple and Google, filing similar claims.

Falco’s website claims that Apple and other tech giants have breached copyright by copying its technology.

“Apple and other software companies are violating Australia’s copyright law by copying our technology and infringing on our copyright,” the website reads.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is due to rule on the matter later this month.

The company has previously sued the Australian Government for allegedly infringing on its copyright by selling Apple Watch smartwatches.

“This lawsuit could be the start of a significant legal battle over the future of the internet,” the company said in a statement.

“The internet is an open platform that enables everyone to access information freely.

We are fighting back against the encroachment of the powerful and corrupt.”

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said it was “looking into” the matter and would respond “as soon as appropriate”.

“We are aware of the matter, which is being investigated by the AFP,” AFP spokesman Neil Gaughan said.

“We will have more to say on this when the matter is referred to the AFP.”

Mr Gaughn said the AFP would not be providing any comment until the case was heard.

“In the meantime, we have been making the investigation into this matter,” he said.

Apple has previously been accused of copying its software by copying elements of Falco software and is suing China for copyright breaches.

“Alibaba is now attempting to assert copyright in the software developed by Falco and Falco is currently engaged in legal action with the Chinese government,” the Apple Watch’s maker said in its statement.

China has also claimed that Apple has infringed its intellectual property, citing Falco as the source of Falcom’s original game.

The latest legal action follows a series of high-level lawsuits against Chinese technology giants in recent years.

Last year, a number other companies including Facebook and Google were hit with similar lawsuits from China.

In November, Apple and Microsoft sued each other over alleged copyright infringement by Microsoft over the creation of Windows XP.

The case resulted in a settlement.

Alibaba software company Falco Software is suing the Australian government for copyright infringement after a major Australian software company said…

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