IBM, Google and Facebook to offer online education and cloud services for businesses

The tech giants IBM, Facebook and Google are teaming up to offer cloud-based education, video-on-demand and video conferencing services.

The announcements were announced Wednesday during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.IBM announced a partnership with a Chinese university and a government-owned Internet service provider to provide students with free online education.

The university, based in the Chinese city of Wuhan, will pay for students to register for the program and provide access to the cloud-computing infrastructure.IBF president Jim Yong Kim said in a statement the new partnership between IBM and Wuhans university will offer students with access to free online and video-conferencing, online education, cloud computing, video conferences and other online resources.

The companies announced an effort to reach out to businesses to help them reach out with the cloud, which they see as a powerful tool to improve their productivity.IBB, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others have made cloud computing a top priority in their strategic goals for the future.IBG’s CEO, James Watson, said in the statement that the collaboration with Wuhanzans university is a significant milestone in our commitment to open access to computing and to creating a new, more inclusive global economy.

“We want to bring cloud computing to all of the world’s businesses and institutions, said Watson.

We want to help people get more out of their work, he added.

Watson also noted that this is a great opportunity for IBM to collaborate with partners that have been building the infrastructure to make this technology a reality.”

We believe the cloud can be a transformative technology, and we are excited to partner with companies like WuhAN, a university that has been at the forefront of open access for more than two decades, to make that technology a real reality,” Watson said.

The tech giants IBM, Facebook and Google are teaming up to offer cloud-based education, video-on-demand and video conferencing services.The announcements…

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