Dxe, a software company planning to launch a software-defined network (SDN) company, says it is in talks with several major US banks

Dxe is one of the companies hoping to launch an online-payment service that uses blockchain technology, as well as a software solution for managing software deployments and managing software updates.

In a blog post, Dxe said it was “in discussions with several large US banks” about its plan.

“Dxe is in discussions with a number of banks and financial institutions about its SDN solution and blockchain technology,” the company said.

“We are actively working with the major banks to establish a joint venture with them to launch our blockchain technology SDN product.”

The company is working with banks to bring its blockchain solution to the United States, and is working closely with the US Federal Reserve Bank to ensure that its SDNs are compliant with US securities laws.

“Our SDN architecture will be compatible with the regulatory requirements of all major US states, which is a major step towards bringing blockchain technology to the US banking system,” the post said.

Dxe plans to offer its blockchain-based SDN service to banks using blockchain technology.

The company, founded by former IBM executive John Murphy and co-founder Samir Aghajanian, said it plans to build the service in partnership with the banks, using its proprietary blockchain technology and blockchain application software.

The SDN platform will allow banks to create SDN services that they can use to manage software deployments, upgrade software, and manage software updates for their customers.

Doe said its SDNS technology will be “available in a few months”, while the SDN application software will be released in the first quarter of 2020.

DuoPay, which recently announced it had raised $200 million in a Series A round led by SoftBank, is another SDN company hoping to use blockchain technology for its services.

Dxe is one of the companies hoping to launch an online-payment service that uses blockchain technology, as well as a…

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