‘Dying Light’ is a great PS4 game

When you think of Dying Light, you think a game that takes you on a dark and dangerous journey to a new world.

But the game is also a spiritual successor to The Last of Us, a game which was a big part of the “Dying light” campaign for Sony’s PlayStation 4.

It’s also the first PS4 exclusive to have a multiplayer mode, a feature which hasn’t been offered on the other PS4 games. 

When we asked Dying Light director Mike Pondsmith to describe his take on the campaign, he explained the reason behind the multiplayer mode: “We wanted to show you something that we had been wanting to do for a long time and that we could do with a multiplayer game,” Pondsmith said.

“You’ve got a big group of people that are all playing together.

We wanted to put that together, and the way we did that was with the idea that we can create a world that’s really open, and really open to a lot of different things, and you’re always getting new challenges. 

Dying is an action-RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, but the story and the setting are also set in the past, in a very traditional way, with very old, very traditional characters. 

The team at KPMG Software also had the idea to create a story that felt like the past.”

We felt that the best way to tell the story that was happening was to take a look at the game that the main characters are playing,” Pondsmouth said.

So we took that idea, and put it into a story, and then we just went and created a story around it.” 

The campaign is about an old, white-haired man, Joel, who gets captured by a gang and forced to work for a group of mercenaries.

Joel’s group is led by a guy called Nathan, who is played by Michael Biehn.

He’s an older guy, and his story is told from the perspective of his son, Michael, who’s a young kid. 

“The thing that we’re finding is that, if you’re a kid, and a white guy in a group that’s going to be playing in a world where you don’t belong, and your identity is on the line, it’s really hard to really empathize with a kid like that,” PondSMouth said, adding that “when you think about what that’s like for you, it really does sound like you’re going to have to really take yourself very seriously.” 

PondSMouth continued, “We also wanted to take that idea and really explore what it’s like to have that kind of responsibility.

And I think there are people out there who have a sense of responsibility and they’re not necessarily the kind of person that you’d want to see it on a game.

And so we wanted to really explore that and really try and find something that was really relatable and relatable to that kind, relatable experience.” 

This is a huge step for KPMGs’ studio, which has been working on a range of other games.

Last year, the studio announced that it was developing a mobile game for Sony called Killzone: Shadow Fall. 

 KPMG’s new studio is also working on another game for the PS4 called DYING LIGHT, which is set in an alternate world where humans are the dominant species. 

Pondsmith told IGN that the campaign will be “really open,” and players will be able to “go from one side of the story to the other.” 

“It’s like a storybook world,” he said. 

A trailer for the game, which we’ll be getting in the next few days, is already available, and we can expect a game with a lot more depth and more characters and story. 

Stay tuned to IGN for more from this interview with Pondsmith. 

Follow Drew Sharp on Twitter at @DrewSharp_ and on IGN at Drew Sharp.

When you think of Dying Light, you think a game that takes you on a dark and dangerous journey to…

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