How to use a new software company to earn cash in 2018

A new software startup that helps you manage your health data has opened its doors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Granite is building a system that makes it easy to track your health and personal financial data.

And, Granite’s team is looking for investors. 

Granite is also the home of the first open source financial platform, which offers a free and flexible payment platform.

Here’s how to use the Granite platform. 

Start with the basics Granite offers: 1) Access to your personal health and financial data from anywhere in the world. 

You can use your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop to manage and access your health, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and more. 

The data you share is encrypted and stored on a secure server that you control. 

Once you open the Granetel app, you can use a range of features to manage your data, including tracking your medical costs, expenses, and the amount of money you make. 

2) An easy, streamlined way to track payments. 

To access your bank account and other financial accounts, Granetenets app provides a simple and intuitive checkout experience. 

3) A platform that provides an easy way to get involved in your health. 

In addition to making payments directly from your Granetes account, Granites mobile app allows you to sign up for a Granetese account and use the service to manage all of your health records, including your diabetes, chronic illnesses, and hypertension. 

4) Access your finances from anywhere, anytime. 

Access your finances in Granetels app is fast and easy.

Granetela provides easy, simple, and reliable financial reporting. 

5) Get paid on time. 

When you open a Granettel account, you receive an instant payment on your bank statement. 

And, Granettes mobile app provides easy payments from anywhere and anytime.

Granites app can be downloaded for free from the Granites website.

Granetel has raised $1.3 million in Series B funding from investors including Digital Currency Group and the New York Stock Exchange. 

Source: Granite (Twitter)

A new software startup that helps you manage your health data has opened its doors in the San Francisco Bay…

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