What you need to know about Dell’s outsourcing deal with the federal government

The government is paying Dell $1.4 billion to transfer the software expertise of the company that built its computer business to the U.S. government.

The deal is part of a larger deal with Dell that the government says it will spend $2.6 billion to acquire the company’s software, including servers, networking and cloud computing products.

The government has asked the U of S to waive the federal IT taxes that are owed on the sale of the software and service it provides.

The contract was negotiated in a secret meeting that ended Tuesday, according to the government.

Dell did not provide any details about the details of the deal, but said it will have the same rights as any other vendor.

“Dell is a technology company that has been a leader in helping organizations move from the legacy IT model to cloud computing, and to the cloud as a new, integrated platform,” the company said in a statement.

“We are committed to continuing to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Dell is a leader that will continue to build on its successful relationships with government departments and agencies, and we look forward to continuing our work with them.”

The Dell deal, announced Wednesday by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, is a significant boost to the technology company and comes just months after Dell was caught with potentially dodgy software on its servers.

The U.K. government said Wednesday it had paid Dell a $3.3 billion settlement over claims of computer fraud and misappropriation.

It is the largest of a series of payments from the U,S.

and other countries.

In addition to the $1 billion in Dell’s purchase price, the U-S.

also agreed to a $1 million payment for each employee it transferred to the company.

The remaining $1,500 in the settlement will be used to help the company improve IT policies for its employees.

In a statement, the government said it was pleased to help Dell improve its IT policies, which it said would “enhance productivity, reduce cost, and allow for more effective and efficient use of government data.”

The deal with government was first reported by The Wall Street Journal and The Associated Press.

The government is paying Dell $1.4 billion to transfer the software expertise of the company that built its computer business…

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