Which companies are on the shortlist for US$1 billion deal to build new US naval platforms?

The US Navy has reportedly asked a consortium of private companies to develop a new class of stealthy maritime platforms that could serve as a replacement for the current Nimitz-class submarines.

According to the Navy’s 2016 Navy Strategic Plan, the Nimitz class submarines were intended to be the mainstay of the US Navy’s maritime fleet.

But according to an article published on the official Navy news site, the US is seeking to acquire a range of other ships for the future of the fleet.

The US Navy currently operates five Nimitzclass submarines, which are designed to operate in the Arctic, Pacific and South Atlantic.

In order to replace the Nimtz-class, the Navy is seeking a new generation of ships to provide a “new generation of serviceability, versatility and capabilities” to the fleet, according to the article. 

“The Nimitz’s serviceability is limited to coastal environments and its ability to operate out of low-tide areas is limited,” the article reads.

“The Nimtzclass is considered to be one of the most survivable and versatile platforms in the world.

The new Nimitz fleet is expected to include six new Nimtzclasses, as well as two Nimitz destroyers and two Nimtz amphibious ships, and a Nimitz cruiser.”

The Navy plans to buy the ships in the 2020s, with the last three Nimitz ships due to retire in 2023.

The last Nimitz submarine was decommissioned in 2007.

The new vessels are expected to be able to operate for a long time in low-intensity conflict.

“This would allow the Navy to expand the Nimotis capability and maintain its global presence in a cost-effective way,” the Navy wrote in the article, according for the Navy.

The article says the US seeks to build a fleet of ships that will “support a new era of maritime warfare”.

The Nimzeys are expected replace the USS Nimitz in service as well.

The Navy’s fleet of four Nimitz submarines is expected “to be able and ready for the next phase of combat, with all the capabilities and capabilities that the Nimizis can provide.”

The article also said the Nimzey class could replace the American aircraft carrier USS Nimoy in the next 20 years.

The NimZeys are believed to be around for a further 20 years, but the Navy does not expect them to be used as a strike boat.

While the US has been developing new vessels, the cost of the Nimzis are estimated to be about $1.8 billion.

The US Navy has reportedly asked a consortium of private companies to develop a new class of stealthy maritime platforms…

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