Software companies are worried about the potential for a government shutdown

POLITICO Hacking and surveillance have become a hot topic in Washington this week as lawmakers and technologists debate the government shutdown.

But a group of software companies is raising the alarm about potential disruptions to their business, saying they are watching the government’s potential shutdown closely.

The Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) is calling on the government to delay a scheduled payment to Apple, Google and Microsoft.

The government’s decision to shut down services in the face of a shutdown is a “significant and unprecedented threat” to businesses and to the Internet, the group says in a statement.

The CCA says that the government is not currently offering services that would continue to operate in the event of a government-run shutdown, and it wants the government “to be mindful that the impact of the shutdown on businesses and consumers is significant and unprecedented.”

The statement was issued Wednesday by the CCA’s president, David Cole, a software engineer.

“The government is refusing to offer the CCEA and other software companies the opportunity to provide critical support to their customers during the government-led shutdown,” Cole wrote in the statement.

“We are concerned that, absent this opportunity, many of our customers could not continue to support their businesses or businesses in the community,” he continued.

“This is an important time to provide services to our customers, and the CCCA strongly encourages the government not to cut off these critical services.”

Microsoft and Google have said they would provide services in a limited capacity during the shutdown.

The companies have said that they could provide a limited number of servers and services during the short-term.

Apple, meanwhile, has said it could provide “up to 100 percent” of the services for the shutdown, but it said it would provide a “limited amount” of “cloud” services to other companies during the next several weeks.

POLITICO Hacking and surveillance have become a hot topic in Washington this week as lawmakers and technologists debate the government…

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