A UK-based company is taking a different approach to software development – and is using its own products to deliver its software to clients

A British company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a new business model for software development companies. 

The platform, called Elixir, allows companies to use the Elixir programming language, which is used to develop web and mobile applications, to create software that is then used by clients. 

Elixir is a new company and the first product that has been launched is the Lawn Service Software, which has been developed by UK- based software company eLodgement.

The company is currently using its Elixir platform for development of its software and for marketing purposes. 

“Elixir has become very popular in the world of software development and has a lot of potential, so we thought we’d see if we could help to bring Elixir to the mainstream,” said James Brown, founder and CEO of eLotard.

“We have a few people who work on the Elixir team, but it’s just a handful of people,” he said.

“It’s really a small team and we have some really big projects that are going to be a huge hit.”

The Elixir team is a big part of the reason why we decided to go into crowdfunding.” 

Mr Brown said that although Elixir was already used by many in the industry, he hoped the campaign would allow it to be used by a wider audience.”

If you think of Elixir as a software development framework for the cloud, then Elixir can really take advantage of the cloud and allow companies to focus on their projects and get it out there to their clients,” he explained.”

A lot of the time the best thing is to take something like Elixir and make it a service that the people using it can use and use it to deliver software for them.

“Elite is something that you can get, and we think that it’s going to do a really good job of making that happen.” 

The crowdfunding campaign has already raised $16,000 (£10,600) from more than 150 backers. 

 Elite’s platform is based on the Emscripten programming language and has been designed to be flexible enough to adapt to new requirements and new needs. 

Emscriptens are widely used in the development of cloud applications, which include software used in e-commerce, social media, financial transactions and gaming platforms. 

With the new platform, Elixir is able to build on existing technology that already exists in the community, including OpenStack, OpenCV and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which was first used by Microsoft in the Windows Server operating system.

The eLodge platform has already been used by companies including a major airline, an insurance company and a telecommunications company. 

It is also used by other businesses in the US, Europe and Asia, including Microsoft and Dell.

“In the past, when we have been trying to get the Elixir community to use Elixir, we’ve come up against a lot, a lot more resistance than we wanted to have to face,” said Mr Brown.

“This time we’ve got a big push behind us.” 

Elchemy is currently available on Mac, Linux and Windows computers, with plans to bring it to Android and iOS platforms.

A British company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a new business model for software development companies. The platform, called…

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