How Apple is using blackberries to steal personal data

Blackberries have long been popular in personal computing.

Apple sold around 100 million devices in the US in 2014, and now its making the device a core component of its iLife software suite.

However, there is a growing movement of privacy activists who want to get rid of the devices.

Blackberries are widely available, with the latest models reaching the US for around $150.

They’re cheap enough that they can be easily obtained through online stores.

This year, the UK’s Computer Society started a campaign called #AppleBlackberry to raise awareness of the dangers of their use.

The campaign has now been expanded to include other major US tech companies.

The campaign is a response to a recent report by researchers at the UK-based Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which highlighted a number of vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS operating system.

These include vulnerabilities that could allow remote access to an iPhone without user permission.

Apple’s response to the EFF report has been to remove the use of its software on Blackberries, and has also begun using a more secure backup option for its iCal and Dropbox apps.

The EFF report found that there were two common vulnerabilities with the Apple operating system that could be exploited by hackers to steal information.

In both cases, the vulnerabilities can be exploited when users have forgotten to reset their password.

The first vulnerability, which allows users to delete the Apple account of an affected iPhone, is an open source flaw in Apple iCal.

In iOS 7, a malicious application called “iCal_Delete” can take advantage of this weakness and delete information on the user’s iPhone.

This information can be accessed by someone with physical access to the device, and could include the user account details.

The second vulnerability, in which Apple allows the system to bypass security measures and access a device’s memory, is a flaw in the security software of a BlackBerry phone.

This software allows an attacker to overwrite a backup file, which could allow a hacker to steal the user credentials and access the device.

The researchers say that these flaws are present in all models of Blackberries and that they are the result of a software update.

These flaws were not present on any of the other devices that were tested.

The researchers have also identified vulnerabilities in iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service, which they say could allow the attacker to take over the device and access its contents.

Apple also released a patch for the two vulnerabilities.

In the latest version of the OS, which is released today, the bug is fixed.

Apple says it is making the changes to protect against this attack because it wants users to be able to “rest assured that they will have a secure, reliable backup on the device”.

The update also removes the ability for an affected user to delete a backup of their own.

Apple is making this move in order to make its software easier to use, and is taking the time to ensure that the flaws have been fixed before users update to the latest versions.

However, it also hopes to make users aware of the flaws.

Apple says that the “reuseability of backups has long been an issue for cloud providers, as they want users to have a reliable backup”.

“The latest version fixes a bug in the iCloud security software that allows attackers to overwrite data on the iPhone to obtain a passcode,” the company said.

“This allows attackers who have gained physical access on an affected device to delete data stored on the iCloud account and/or the backup.”

“While we’ve taken steps to ensure iCloud backups remain secure, it’s important that you make sure you backup your iCloud data and that you backup to a secure location.”

The EFF said that this is an example of how Apple has taken steps that protect user privacy, but that Apple’s privacy policy does not go far enough.

“It’s clear that Apple wants users, including those with the most sensitive data, to be concerned about their privacy and security on their devices,” the EFF said.

“Instead, Apple has used its platform to undermine consumer privacy, while making users pay the price.”

Blackberries have long been popular in personal computing.Apple sold around 100 million devices in the US in 2014, and now…

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