FOXIT, Foxit’s parent company, will be bought by Silverline, which is a Silverline subsidiary.

FOXIT software company is acquiring Foxit software, which makes software that helps companies manage payroll, pay for taxes, manage financial records, and other functions.

The acquisition will create a software company called Silverline that is based in San Francisco and will be headed by former Foxit CEO Paul J. Ochs.

Silverline is also a Foxit subsidiary that makes software to help companies manage their financial records.

SilverLine software will provide a “next-generation of software solutions to businesses and consumers,” according to the company’s press release.

Silver Line, which has offices in San Jose and New York, will continue to sell software to other Foxit subsidiaries, the release said.

“Silverline’s leadership and technology expertise is uniquely suited to helping businesses and individuals manage their business processes, financial information and financial accountability,” Foxit said in a statement.

“The merger will help Foxit continue to grow and develop its existing products and technologies and continue to attract new customers.”

The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019.

In addition to Silverline software, Foxits products include the software that manages payroll for Foxit employees, a financial reporting and accounting software company that is headquartered in New York City, and the software used to track tax returns for Foxits employees, according to its press release, which also said that Foxit will be incorporated in the United States.

Foxit also said it would continue to provide financial accounting software to companies that need to track their financials, as well as other products.

“Foxit is committed to working with its customers to help them create more efficient, cost-effective and value-based processes, which are critical to our businesses and our consumers,” said James H. Brown, FoxIT’s chief financial officer.

Foxi, the Foxit company that manufactures Foxit payroll software, is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas.

FOXIT software company is acquiring Foxit software, which makes software that helps companies manage payroll, pay for taxes, manage financial…

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