Apple Pay is a lot like Paypal: The big question is when will it actually work

Apple Pay, a new way for users to pay online, is about to hit the shelves in the US, but the tech giant is also working on the mobile payment service in other countries.

A report from The Information, citing sources familiar with the matter, states Apple Pay will be available on the iPhone and iPad from April 1, 2017.

The news comes just days after Microsoft unveiled its own mobile payment system, dubbed Cortana, and a new mobile payment app for Apple’s Mac.

Both Apple Pay and Microsoft’s Cortana will work with Apple’s iOS devices, but are only currently available on Android devices.

The report also says Apple Pay’s main features will be simple, but that it will eventually offer more sophisticated features like automatic payments and enhanced security.

According to The Information’s sources, Apple Pay won’t be limited to the US market.

The service is expected to debut in Germany, Australia, Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the US and parts of Latin America.

The report does not specify which countries.

The US is likely the biggest user of Apple Pay so far.

Apple’s latest version of iOS 6 has a limited number of available devices.

Apple Pay is being developed by Apple and is a product of the Payment Software Alliance, an industry group that works to standardize payment methods around the world.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said Apple Pay was the most important thing he’d ever done.

The company also announced it was expanding its retail business, announcing a new retail app that will offer Apple Pay payments for the first time in the United States.

Apple Pay, a new way for users to pay online, is about to hit the shelves in the US, but…

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