IBM to launch custom software for healthcare providers

IBM is planning to launch software that will allow hospitals and other healthcare providers to build their own software solutions to provide access to diagnostic tools for health care providers.

The software, called IBM PowerSchool, will be available through IBM’s cloud services and will be developed to be compatible with other healthcare solutions.IBM plans to launch the software for use by hospitals in early 2018.

It will be compatible to HPE’s PowerSense, which is IBM’s software suite for managing patients’ healthcare data.

The announcement comes at a time when health care IT companies are increasingly turning to cloud-based services and software, and IBM’s announcement is a sign that healthcare providers are increasingly looking to IBM’s power and flexibility to bring the power of their systems to their customers.”IBM PowerSchool is a highly scalable, cost-effective and interoperable suite of software for the healthcare industry,” said Brian Stoll, IBM president of healthcare and enterprise systems, in a statement.

“Our software platform will enable healthcare providers across the globe to quickly, easily and securely build their healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling them to rapidly deliver innovative, affordable and secure healthcare services.”

The company’s announcement comes after HPE announced last year that it was moving away from the IBM PowerSense software suite.HPE said it would launch its own PowerSense in 2018, but that the company was not releasing a timeframe for when the product would become available.

IBM said the PowerSchool software will help healthcare providers develop their own solutions.

“The power and mobility of healthcare is at the forefront of our thinking, and the PowerSciences approach is a clear and direct path to achieving that goal,” said Paul Wessel, vice president of the IBM Health Systems business.

“It will help make healthcare more accessible, accessible faster, more efficient and more affordable for healthcare professionals and patients.”IBM announced in January that it would create a new, independent unit, IBM Healthcare, to manage its health software products and support its cloud services.

IBM is planning to launch software that will allow hospitals and other healthcare providers to build their own software solutions…

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