Microsoft says it is selling its cloud services, but there are still no deals in place

Microsoft is taking a more aggressive stance in its effort to sell off its cloud-based services, with the Redmond company announcing it is going to sell all of its Microsoft Services business, including its software.

In a statement, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant said it is now “fully focused” on its core business, which includes the Microsoft cloud.

It is now committed to selling all of Microsoft’s software businesses, including the cloud-powered services, and the cloud itself, Microsoft said.

“We’re no longer focused on our core business,” Microsoft said in the statement.

“Our strategy has always been to focus on the next generation of our software.

We continue to believe that a core business that is built on a strong foundation, that has long-term value, and that drives innovation and growth, is a key driver of our success.”

Microsoft said it has yet to announce any specific deals in its new strategy.

But it is not the first time the company has sought to sell its services to outside companies.

In March 2016, Microsoft announced that it was selling its Windows Azure cloud-computing service, the same day that it began to sell other services, including Office 365.

That move was a departure from Microsoft’s previous strategy of selling its services exclusively to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft said it was also selling its software, but it would be a separate business.

Microsoft has been trying to sell cloud services since it started selling Windows Azure services in 2014.

But the company said in January it would sell the Microsoft Services businesses, which are now mostly used to manage the software that powers Windows, Office and the Xbox video game console.

In August, Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Cloud would be selling its business, but the company’s statement did not specify what the company was selling in that business.

Microsoft has also been working to sell Microsoft Services.

Microsoft is also now focused on its Microsoft Cloud business, with its new statement indicating that it is committed to “continuing to build a cloud-first future.”

Microsoft is taking a more aggressive stance in its effort to sell off its cloud-based services, with the Redmond company…

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