Which Indian startup is best-placed to grow its revenue and profit?

By Shri V.P. Pandey | 09.07.2017 05:05:24The list of Indian startups with the highest revenue and profits in India has been published by eMarketer India.

The list shows that there is a clear divide between those that have raised seed funding and those that are still in the process of raising venture capital.

The biggest growth companies on the eMarket India list have raised over Rs 1,100 crore.

Most of the Indian startups have raised at least $1 crore and have a total valuation of $40 million or more.

Here is the list of the top 10 Indian startup companies that are worth a lot of money:Alibaba – $2,300 billionAlibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company, has raised $2.3 billion in venture capital, and is valued at $2 trillion.

The company has over 40 million users and is listed on the Nasdaq.

Alipay, an Indian e-wallet company, also raised $1 billion in early-stage funding.

Banks and payment companies – $300 billionBanks, including Axis Bank, Bhabha Bank, Axis Bank India, Axis BSNL, Axis Axis Bank of India, BSNE Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bhatia Bank, Bharti Bank, ICICI Bank, MNS Bank, Nifty Bank, RIL Bank, State Bank of Mysore, State Industrial Development Corporation, State Investment Corporation of India (SIDCO), State Industrial Investment Corporation (SIIIC), State Investment Bank of Gujarat, State National Bank of China, State Public Enterprises (SPE), State Public Private Partnership (SPPP), State Petroleum Development Corporation (SPDC), State Development Bank of Goa, and State Development Financial Corporation (SDBF) – $500 billionBJP has also raised around $500 million from private investors and has over 1,500 companies.

BSE Bank, one of the biggest Indian banks, raised $300 million in seed funding in 2016.BHIMS – $100 billionBHIS is an Indian online marketplace for goods, services and financial products.

It has raised a total of $100 million from investors.

The company has raised around 3.5 billion from over 200 investors including Sequoia Capital, Sequoias Global Ventures, KPMG India, Kishore Kaul, and Tiger Global.

It recently raised $200 million in Series B from Fidelity Investments, a private investment firm.

Alibaba has acquired the Alipai platform, a platform to connect businesses and consumers.

Alipay has acquired Alipaya, a marketplace that aggregates information from thousands of merchants to offer consumers an easy-to-use shopping experience.

AliPay – $50 billionAlipai, a company that offers a platform for merchants to connect with customers, has a market cap of $51 billion.

Alistair Gwynne, chairman of Alibaba, said the Alistair Group is a global marketplace for merchants that is transforming how people shop.

Aljazeera – $15 billionAljazarin, a media and entertainment company, is the leading news and entertainment platform in India.

Aljazalan, which is based in Bengaluru, has over 2,500 employees and generates revenue of $15.6 billion.

The global media company is backed by Aljazeera Media Network and The Times Group.

Aliyo – $5 billionAliyos, a mobile app, connects businesses to customers and connects them with services.

The app, which launched in 2015, has more than 1.2 billion daily active users in India and has an overall market cap around $5.3 trillion.

Alphabet – $3 billionAlphabet is a company with a vision of connecting businesses, consumers, governments and governments with the people and businesses of the world through search and analytics.

The Google+ platform has more over 3 billion daily users.

Ali, a new app from Alphabet, connects retailers with consumers, and makes it easy for businesses to connect to customers.

Aligarh Group, a startup, has acquired two online retailers, Indica.com and Lattice, for an undisclosed amount.

Alpita – $1.3 bnAlpitala, an online platform for retail and ecommerce, has generated $1,3 billion from investors in India, with a market capitalisation of $1 trillion.

This is the largest valuation of an online company that has raised more than $1bn.

Alpita is the third largest retailer in India with a total online store value of $2 billion.

By Shri V.P. Pandey | 09.07.2017 05:05:24The list of Indian startups with the highest revenue and profits in India has…

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