Why is the government so keen on an AI drive?

In a move that seems to have come out of nowhere, the Centre on Monday announced the formation of an AI department to work on the issue of artificial intelligence.

The AI department is headed by senior AI expert Dr Rajesh Bajpai.

It will be headed by AI expert and former chief information officer at Google Amit Singhal.

The AI department will work on research on AI and automation and will be tasked with working on AI applications for the public sector.

The department will be funded by a departmental grant.

According to the statement, the AI department aims to develop AI applications that will help improve the quality of life and quality of services for citizens.AI will also be used to identify and improve bottlenecks in public transport, transportation infrastructure, road safety, road management and roads infrastructure.

The statement further said that the AI will also help the government in improving its information technology policies and procedures.

The central government is also likely to take a look at AI in its national strategy.

The announcement of the AI division came after the AI expert expressed his frustration at the lack of progress in the field.

Singhal, who also heads the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, has been one of the most vocal proponents of AI in India.

He was one of those who had said that AI will revolutionise the country’s economy by 2030.

Singhal has been the most outspoken proponent of AI for years.

He had earlier said that he expected the AI field to reach $5 trillion within a decade.

Singha was quoted by Bloomberg in August this year as saying that the field was in a “death spiral”.

Singha, who was then CEO of Baidu, was recently replaced by a senior AI person.

In a move that seems to have come out of nowhere, the Centre on Monday announced the formation of an…

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